Who is IQhawe Consulting Engineers?

IQhawe Consulting Engineers is a 100% black owned and managed South African based consulting engineering enterprise. The company was founded in September 2011 by the late Lulamile Mbewana, a seasoned registered Professional Engineer, who had more than 15 years of postgraduate consulting civil and structural engineering and project management experience.

IQhawe Consulting Engineers draws its engineering capacity from its full-time and part-time employees. The skills base, capacity and expertise are through experienced professionals who have gained cumulative experience of over 40 years in the consulting engineering industry.

The company has developed expertise and has capacity to offer a wide range of professional consulting engineering services in civil and structural engineering fields, covering feasibility studies, conceptualization, planning, design, contract supervision & administration and project management.


To provide the highest Innovative and Quality Consulting engineering and project management services that will ensure client satisfaction, long-term benefits to beneficiaries/clients, upliftment of communities, maximise equity and skills transfer by adding value through the employment and application of world-class resources, practices and technologies.


  • To provide engineering solutions that satisfy the needs of our clients
  • To improve the quality of life of our people
  • To be a leading consulting civil and structural engineering company
  • To be a consulting civil and structural engineering and project management company of choice for Employers

B-BBEE Certification

IQhawe Consulting Engineers is a B-BBEE Exempted Micro Enterprise at 135% B-BBEE Recognition Level 1 .

In addition to the Level 1 B-BBEE Status, the company is 100% black woman-owned. The company strongly believes in and supports the capacitation and promotion of historically disadvantaged individuals. As the company grows, we will continue to give priority to the historically disadvantaged, but not at the expense of proportional representation, as entailed in the Employment Equity Act (55 of 1998). In terms of the Employment Equity Act, Employers are obliged to afford employment opportunities to the overall population demographics of the country in a balanced and representative manner.

Our B-BBEE- SWORN AFFIDAVIT is available on request.

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In our quest to become a leading consulting engineering company, our business is driven by the core principles outlined below, which we believe will be the main contributors to the success of our practice:

  • People: Our Clients, staff and the communities shall always come first and we shall treat them with utmost respect.
  • Innovation: We shall approach our projects with the highest Innovation standards so that our solutions are the best appropriate and most cost-effective for the project
  • Quality: Our end product shall be of the best quality standards.
  • Integrity: We shall conduct our business in a professional manner, uphold high ethical values and abide by legislative requirements of our beloved country.
  • Inspiration: We shall conduct our business in a manner that will inspire those around us
  • Efficiency: We shall deliver our service on time, on budget and to the best quality standards.
  • Commitment: To our projects, clients and the communities we serve
  • Diversity: Our expertise
  • Loyalty: To our Clients, employees and the communities
  • Environment: We shall always consider long term implications to the environment of our project solutions and business practice

Key Personel

Putuma Mbewana
Putuma Mbewana the surviving spouse of the late Mr Lulamile Mbewana, is now the owner and Director of Iqhawe Consulting Engineers...