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Human Resources

In order to achieve our mission, vision and values, as enshrined in our mission statement, we believe we have to recruit the best talent in the civil and structural fields. To this end, we pride ourselves for the fact that our personnel have acquired quality consulting civil and structural engineering experience and expertise from recognized national practices over an accumulative period in excess of 25 years. This experience has been acquired through direct and active involvement and participation on various projects from inception through to commissioning.

In addition to the above, our personnel have continued to develop their professional and technical skills through postgraduate studies and various short courses, most of which are CPD accredited.

Technical Resources
The company’s technical resources comprise of the following:

  • Computers with latest operating systems
  • Data storage and back-up facilities. We believe that, as information generated on a project becomes the property of the Client, we make use of the best in data storage facilities including the storing information on the “Cloud”, in accordance with the latest Information and Technology trends, in order to enable easy access to information at all times by our valued Clients.
  • Colour Multi-function Printer
  • AutoCAD 2010
  • Civil Designer Suite of programmes
  • Microsoft office suite comprising of MS Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook and Projects
Our staff are well trained and proficient on the use of the various computer programmes. Through our ICT real-time systems and the use of the latest technology, we are able to bring to a specific project tested knowledge to best serve our Clients, communities and the various project stakeholders.
Professional Indemnity Insurance
IQhawe Consulting Engineers recognizes that when we undertake our work, we have a professional obligation to ensure that the work is undertaken and completed in accordance with high professional standards. We also understand that with any professional services there is always a professional risk. So as

to provide assurance of our professional obligation to our clients, our services and the company, we have, through Alexander Forbes Risk Services, assumed a Professional Indemnity Insurance cover with Leppard Underwriting for a sum of R5.0million. Policy Number is P51005106.

Training and Development & Community Outreach
IQhawe Consulting Engineers recognizes that there is a serious shortage of skills in the built-environment industry in the country, with civil engineering not exempt. Of particular concern is the fact that a significant shortage exists amongst the previously disadvantaged. In recognition of this fact, IQhawe Consulting Engineers has developed, as a starting point, a training programme to develop its own human resources skills base. This will not only improve the skills base of our personnel, but will ensure an improved quality standard of our service to our Clients. The training will be achieved through:

  • In-house training
  • Continuing Professional Development courses
  • Specialist skills focused training, e.g. CAD, Project Management courses, etc.
  • Bursary schemes for further studies
As the company grows, we aim to develop further training programmes that will reach out to, amongst others, client nominated trainees, bursaries to needy children from the communities where we work and other academically deserving students, In-service training opportunities to final year degree/diploma candidates.  


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Key Personel

Putuma Mbewana
Putuma Mbewana the surviving spouse of the late Mr Lulamile Mbewana, is now the owner and Director of Iqhawe Consulting Engineers...